About Sara

Sara Byers is a Elite Canadian Provincial and National Champion in road and track cycling. Based in Niagara and racing with
Kallisto-FCV p/b Toyo Tires (Forest City Velodrome) and Canada's National Sprint Team, upcoming goals include
2015 Pan Am Championships, Track World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympics.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cleaning Out Life's Cobwebs

I have slight hoarding tendencies despite establishing habits to streamline my life and be more efficient, focused and goal oriented. Two pronounced examples of focusing habits that I can think of off hand are: keeping only the bikes/equipment that I need to support one cycling discipline; seemingly totally unrelated, I keep a phone that is only set up to support minimal usage. I have downloaded only two apps and I'm forced to regularly clean out any saved files like photos or downloads or risk jamming the device up by running out of memory. My cell use is simple and focused and this has a similar effect on my thoughts and my actions. Not to mention, this is all money saving = more for the important things of my choosing! Here are some fun items found in the most recent phone purge:

I'm not sure of the source, but this excerpt was sent to me from my coach and has been passed on through a host of athletes I'm sure. So when you're on that 10th climb up the hill in your training routine remember to keep chasing way the hanger-on who eats all the Cheetos.

An Olympian Muffin will be my very first food post ever! When I changed my lifestyle to be healthy and fit some of my friends, family and associates were proud and excited and some of them thought I was crazy. Maybe they were even a little concerned with how much time I was spending "working out" and how attentive I'd become about my eating habits. Out of pure care and support (concern?), my friend began bringing an extra muffin in her lunch to share. We'd plan our break together and discuss new developments in racing and training over tea and muffins :) These amazing morsels are made by her Mom from all natural, organic ingredients with no eggs or dairy. When I began training specifically for cycling and started climbing through competition, I looked forward to the muffin share more than ever and they were dubbed Olympian Muffins.

I took this picture of the old Delhi track in southern Ontario on the way home from Springbank Crit a couple of weeks ago. I'll admit now that I was not fit to be on a bike that weekend, let alone racing, having been slammed with cold, allergies and side effects of meds & antibiotics. This side trip and the personal tour by Dave complete with a host of stories about the good old days of cycling was my saving grace. The angle of the pic was meant to get in as much of the track as possible, the bonus was that the skewed perception totally messes with my non-cycling friends who think this must be the real angle of the track! ;)

The last pic is from Niagara Classic road race just this past weekend. Again, my saving grace after a tough day in the saddle having flatted a lap before the finish of my home race. The experience was disappointing to say the least but I'm always looking to the universe for lessons and direction to move on. Hanging around this "Classic finish" was it. I choose not to live but to be alive. Feeling alive to me means accepting and embracing all of the highs, lows & challenges that enrich life and make it a journey. Time will run out so there's no use waiting, avoiding, coasting, wasting (remember the Cheetos!). I race to feel alive, and here is this cemetery at the exact climax of a race. The contrast is most fitting. As host club secretary I was also able to present some awards to race winners. It felt wonderful (and a little out-of-body) to be on the other side, honouring the achievements and sharing the pride of people who exude joie de vivre.