About Sara

Sara Byers is a Elite Canadian Provincial and National Champion in road and track cycling. Based in Niagara and racing with
Kallisto-FCV p/b Toyo Tires (Forest City Velodrome) and Canada's National Sprint Team, upcoming goals include
2015 Pan Am Championships, Track World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympics.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Deep In My Heart I am Warrior ♫♪

This summer's been a blast! Getting ahead at work, continuing to progress in cycling, a bit of travel, meeting lots of new people and very much treasuring time with my love & best friend David. Epic battle with the vegetable garden continues.. I have a love hate relationship with it, but I think I've finally conquered the weeds. I thrive on the activity but sometimes get overwhelmed - too much of a good thing? One low day not that long ago I was searching for inspiration and some sort of pick me up. Zoning out and surfing the web I went for a good little journey into the random search. Let's try http://www.positivity.com/.

"POSITIVITY. Positivity.com is coming soon...."

Darn. Next try, http://www.happiness.com/.

"Welcome to Happiness Online!"

Wow, that looks frighteningly happy! Like, if I look too closely or for too long I'll be brainwashed into some strange cult. But hey, can't hurt to look at a couple of "Happiness Tips"! A click later I read,

"Waiting - All It's Cracked Up to Be".

Seriously? ..positivity is coming soon and I have to WAIT for happiness!?

Lastly, turning to a book of.. (yes, a real book, not the web!).. a book of daily meditations, it tells me today to,

"Make a Fresh Start".

Alright, you've got me and I'm listening. Give it some time, refresh and restart. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time in go-go-go mode. Time spent as Museum Curator and Cyclist is akin to having two careers, and there are things to catch up on in the inbetween spaces. I try to be tough and battle through things, and sometimes end up battling with myself.

Isn't that cool that the lesson comes when you need it! Help finds you when you're open to it. I guess the message this time 'round is to relax and take it easy when I need to. I'll take that, go with the flow and when the time comes I'll attack life again with renewed energy :)

I have to, the next song on the radio said so... "Deep in my heart I am Warrior!" I'd rather do that than Rock down to Electric Avenue. Not sure where that is.